GoFridayNight.com Play by Play | Abilene Wylie (24) vs. Graham (27) 09-10-10

:8 remains in the ball game. 4th and 2: Harris pass incomplete, ball dropped by Harris. Graham takes over with :3.
:23 seconds remain 2nd: Harris throws away again. 3rd down: :18 seconds, Harris pass to Nasser is good. WYLIE TIMEOUT.
1st: Harris option, tackled at the 35 yard line. FLAG on the play, offsides on Wylie. Bulldogs take the penalty. 1st: Harris throws the ball away.
1st and 10: At the Wylie 26 pass good, caught by Nasser. 1st and 10 at the Graham 44 yard line.
Wylie 1st and 10: Harris keeps the ball and runs for an 8 yard gain. 2nd: Pass to Bloomer is good bringing up 1st and 10.
3rd down: Pass to Fulford incomplete. 4th down: Punt to Wylie, Lewis to return drops ball and is recovered by another Wylie player.
2nd and 12: Handoff to May. WYLIE TIMEOUT.
2nd and 12 at the 49 yard line: Handoff and less than a 5 yard gain.
WHS kicks off and Steers take over on the 41 yard line. 1:46 remains. 1st and 10: Handoff to May, loss of 2 due to Bulldog defense. GHS TIMEOUT.
Kick is good with 1:47 remaining in the game Graham-27, Wylie- 24.
2nd and 2 from the 2 yard line: FLAG on the play- on Wylie. From the 7 yard line, Harris runs and gets into the endzone for a BULLDOG TOUCHDOWN.
2nd and 5: Harris from the shotgun, hand off to Nasser picks up 15 yards, on the 4 yard line. 1st and goal: Harris picks up 2.
I apologize again for the delay, here's what has happened: Graham scored on again from the 1 yard line on the 3rd down. Kick was good. GHS kicked off to the Bulldogs, from the 25 yard line. Wylie moving down the field quickly, now on the 19 yard line.
1st and 10 at the Wylie 27 yard line: Bynum pass good for a pick up of 5.
9:11 remains, 2nd down: Pass to Grey, taken down by McMickle. 3rd and 7: Pass to Fulfort is good.
1st and 10: Bynum to Bailey, picks up 9 to the 49 yard line. 1st and 10: Bynum hand off, advance to the 36 yard line.
10:13 remains in the game. 3rd down and 4: Offsides against the Steers. 4th and 9: Graham passes and is good for and 11 yard gain.
1st and 10: Bynum scrambles and is sacked by McMickle of Wylie, loss of 2. 2nd and 12: Bynum pass good. 3rd and 4: GRAHAM TIMEOUT.
Start of the 4th Quarter: Bynum pass caught, gain of few yards. 3rd and inches: Bynum keeps it and gains 1st down.
Kickoff, caught by the Steers and taken down with a huge hit by Jamie Boyd. 1st and 10 for Graham: Bynum keeps it and gains 2 yards.
:47 remains in 3rd Quarter Kick is good. GHS- 20, WHS- 17.
4th and 18 from the 31: Harris drops back to pass and CAUGHT by Garrett Martin. Bulldog TOUCHDOWN.
4th down: Harris pass good for a 1st down. FLAG on the play, 10 yard holding against the Bulldogs.
1st and 10: From the 23, Harris pass incomplete. 2nd: 1:55 remains, hand off with a gain of 2. 3rd and 8: Harris keeps the ball and is taken down without gain.
1st: Nasser is stopped without gain. 2nd and 10: Harris from the shotgun passes to Boyd, good for another 1st down.
4th down: FLAG on the play by the Steers give the Bulldogs another 1st down. 1st and 10 at the 50: Pass caught by Boyd, pick up of 12.
2nd and 7: Harris hands off to Nasser with a loss of 2. 3rd and 9: Pass caught by Nasser, gain of 3.
Wylie 1st and 10: Harris advances to the 27 yard line, gain of 7. 2nd down: FLAG on the play against the Steers. Wylie 1st and 10: Nasser picks up 3 yards and is pushed out of bounds.
4th down: GHS punts the ball away, Wylie takes over at their own 20 yard line.
Graham takes possession, 1st: Bynum pass complete to Bailey, gain of 1. 2nd: Pass intended for Fulford is broken up by Bulldog defense. Wylie 41 yard line, 3rd down: Bynum is sacked with a loss of 5.
3rd: Harris looks drops to pass and is taken down by GHS linebacker. 4th down: Kick down at the Wylie 43 yard line.
1st and 10: 38 yrd line, hand off to Nasser again with 1 yard loss. 2nd: Harris pressured, drops back and is sacked with a 10 yard loss.
Bynum from the shotgun, hands off and ball is fumbled. Recovered by Nasser, Bulldog ball.
GHS takes over, 1st and 10. Pass caught by Corbin Bailey. Another 1st down on the 40 yrd line.
GHS takes over, 1st and 10. Pass caught by Corbin Bailey. Another 1st down on the 40 yrd line.
1st and 10: Option, to Nasser who fumbles. Ball is recovered by Graham.
2nd: Harris runs for another 1st down at the GHS 41 yrd line. 1st and 10: Nasser bursts through Steer defense, gain of 12.
2nd down: 35 yard line, hand off with a gain of 12 yards. 1st down: Wylie 47 yrd line, again no gain on a hand off to Nasser.
Start of 2nd half: Lane Griffon of WHS returns for the Bulldogs. 1st and 10: Harris hands off to Nasser, no gain in the play.
Kickoff to WHS, Gomez returns with a gain of few yards.
3rd and 5: Harris pass picked off by Sheldon May for the steers, an 86 yard run for the Steers. GHS TOUCHDOWN. Kick of good, Graham- 20, Wylie- 10.
1st and 10: Harris runs for 5, on the 17 yard line. :35, 2nd: Incomplete pass for Jamie Boyd.
Sorry for the technical difficulties everyone, but we're back! Here's what happened- with 24 seconds in the 1st quarter Graham scored with a 9 yard Touchdown pass, making the score 7-7. 2rd QUARTER- after two offsides penalties from within the 5 yard line for the Bulldogs, they they kick for a field goal which was good. W-10 G-7. Graham scores again with 2:52 in 1st half, field goal no good. Current score: G-13 W-10.
1st down: FLAG on the play- Facemask on Graham. Bynum fakes handoff and keeps, advances to the Wylie 30 yard line.
Wylie punts and Graham takes over on their own 20 yard line. 1st and 10: GHS running back taken down by Marrow for Wylie. 2nd 22 yard line: Bynum pass good for a first down.
3rd down: Harris takes huge hit from the Steers defense, 15 yard loss. 4th and 25 for the Bulldogs.
4:38 remians. 1st and 10: Harris gets pressure and runs out of bounds without gain. 2nd and 10: Handoff to Nasser, who is taken down.
3rd down: Marrow for Wylie sacks the GHS QB. 4th down: Graham punts and Wylie takes over on the 35 yard line.
2nd down: Bulldog defense stops GHS on the 13 yrd line.
FLAG: holding penalty on the Steers, 10 yards. 1st and 20: pass from Bynum incomplete.
Wylie kick is good, 7-0. Kick from WHS to Graham on the 14 yard line, GHS takes over.
2nd down: FLAG- false start for Wylie. 2nd down: handoff to Nasser, TOUCHDOWN WYLIE 6-0.
3rd down: Harris keeps the ball and runs for a first down. 1st: Harris pass incomplete.
1st down: Nasser runs for a gain of 3. 2nd: Harris keeps and gains 5.
Steers go for it and don't get the Touchdown. WHS takes over on the 6 yrd line.
2nd: Pass intended for Dylan Fulford incomplete. 3rd down: Fake handoff, Bynum keeps the ball and gains 2 yards.
8:27 in 1st quarter. GHS on their 11 yard line. 1st: FLAG- false start on Wylie. 1st and 6 for the Steers.
3rd: Pass interception by GHS Gonzales. FLAG on the play, ruled after interception. GHS ball.
1st: Nasser keeps and again is taken down without any gain. 2nd: Pass to Casin Hill bobbles, pass ruled incomplete.
1st for WHS: Handoff to Nasser, hit immediately. 2nd: Harris keeps the ball and advances 11 yards, 1st down.
3rd and 16: Bloomer for Wylie keeps Graham offense 1 yard shy of 1st down. 4th down: Graham punts ball away and Wylie takes over with great field position on the 35 yard line.
1st down: Layne Bynun lateral incomplete. 2nd down: Bynum keeps the ball and is taken down by the Bulldog defense, loss of few yards.
Returning for Graham cvaught at the 7 yard line. Tackle made at the 20 yard line.
Coin Toss: Graham wins toss and Wylie will kick off.
Thank you for joining us tonight for the great match-up between Graham (1-1) and Wylie (1-1). Coin toss will be in about 3 minutes.
Please join us at 7:30 p.m. Friday when the Abilene Wylie Bulldogs host the Graham Steers. The live radio broadcast can be heard at KEAN 105.1 FM.


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