GoFridayNight.com Play by Play | Abilene Cooper (55) vs. San Angelo Central (14) 09-10-10

The Cooper Cougars are 3-0 after soundly defeating San Angelo Central 55-21! Tune in next week on Thursday night as the Abilene Cooper visits Lubbock high on 9/16 at 7:30. Have a good night!
Clock stops with first down, so one more play. Conyer takes a knee
Price runs ball out to 48 yard line, should be the last play of game
Watson runs to 36 yard line with less than a minute left in the game
2nd down, Watson runs to 26, first down
Watson runs for 8
Personal foul against Cooper on return, ball placed at 15
Cougars return kick to the 30
Less than 3 minutes left in the game, 3rd and 4 at the 11, Obrien runs for a TD. PAT is good, the score is 55-21 with 2:23 left
2nd down, incomplete pass
1st down, Obrien swing pass to Long, down at 12
Thompson tackled at 17, 1st down San Angelo
Obrien throws complete pass to Davis to the 20, brings 3rd down and 1
3rd and 2, Thompson runs to 30 yard line for 1st down
4 minutes to go in the game. Obrien throws complete pass to the 43 for 8 yards
Personal foul against Cooper, 15 more yards for Central
Cooper goes for it on fourth down, Conyer throws ball just out of bounds, turnover on downs
3rd and 9 after false start for Cooper. Ball at the 32, Watson down at the 34, 4th down
2nd and 9, Watson tackled at the 27
Cougars begin drive at the 38 yard line after a delay of game penalty. Watson down at the 32
2nd down and 8, Obrien runs to the 33 yard line, fumbles the ball, Cougars recover with less than 5 minutes left in the game
We apologize for the techincal difficulties. Here are the plays you missed. Watson runs for 7 on first down. 2nd and 3, Conyer completes pass to Footer at the 23 for a first down. Watson down at the 20 yard line on first down. Holding on Cougars, 2nd and 17 on the 29 now. Illegal motion, 2nd and 23 on the 34 yard line for Cooper. Watson runs to the 31 yard line, 3rd and 20 now for Cooper. Conyer throws to Randle, down at 20 yard line, 4th down. Lehr makes 37 yard field goal, Cougars lead 55-14. Bobcats start next drive at the 4 after ball falls dead just in front of goaline. Obrien throws incomplete on first down. 2nd and 10, with 7 minutes left in game, Obrien throws swing pass for first down. 1st down, Obrien completes pass to Lopez t 25 yard line.
3rd down for Cooper, false start makes it 3rd and 8 at the 43
We apologize for the techincal difficulties. Here are the plays you missed. Watson runs for a gain of 4 on first down. 2nd and 6, Watson tackled at 31, 3rd and 1. Watson runs for no gain, 4th down. Cougars fake punt, Bobcats had only 8 players on field, 1st down for Cooper. 1st and 10, Watson runs to the 49 yard line, almost a first down. 1:30 left in quarter, Cougars run for first down. Watson runs to 38 yard line, 2nd and 2. Cougars end 3rd quarter with Watson�s run of one yard.
San Angelo punt rolls out of bounds at 22 yard line, about 4 minutes left in the third quarter
3rd and 7, Obrien sacked by Robinson, loses 11. 4th and 17
2nd down, Obrien hand to Thompson, no gain
Obrien hands off to Thompson, gain of 6
penalty on the play- personal foul on Bobcats. they take possession at 32 yard line
Cougars kickoff to Bobcats, returned to the 47 yard line
FG good. Cougars lead 52-14
Conyer throws incomplete pass, in comes the field goal unit
Conyer throws incomplete, brings 3rd down
Conyer swing pass to Watson, who drops pass
Roughing the quarterback penalty, Cougars ball at 6, first and goal
Conyer swing pass incomplete
7:11 left in the 3rd quarter, Watson runs for 3 on first down
Conyer completes pass to Price, down at 15. First down Cougars
Watson runs to 31, 4th down now
Conyer pass incomplete to bring 3rd down
Conyer completes pass for 24 yards on 3rd down. 1st and 10, Watson gains 3 on run
Watson runs for no gain
Conyer runs out of bounds at the 38
Central's 6h punt of the game downed at Cooper 30
3rd and 3 for the Bobcats, Obrien throws incomplete
Cougars kick off with 11:09 left in the 3rd quarter, touchback
1st and 10 for Cooper, Riddick catches swing pass and runs it in for a TD, PAT is good to let the Cougars lead 49-14
2nd down, Riddick runs to the 22 yard line of San Angelo, 30 yard gain
1st down at the 48, Nicholas throws incomplete
1st and 10, Jackson runs for 18
The second half begins, Cougars will start with the ball at their own 30.
About 5 minutes before the start of the second half
We apologize for the technical difficulties. Here are the plays you missed. Bobcats go three and out, 17 yard punt. 1st down, Sonnier 45 yard catch from Nicholas for TD with 1:02 to play in 1st. Cougars 21, Bobcats 7. Obrien pass to Fields on 1st down for Bobcats for 6 yards. Long runs for no gain at 27 yard line to end 1st quarter. Obrien sacked, 4th down for Bobcats. Punt goes out of bounds at midfield. 1st and 10 for Cougars, Jackson reverse for 1st down. Nicholas pass incomplete on 2nd down. Riddick gains 7, 3rd down with 10:20 left in half. 3rd down, Riddick makes catch at 17 yard line, 4th and short. Riddick runs to 5 yard line for 1st and goal. Patrick catches TD pass. PAT good, Cougars lead 28-7 with 8:52 left until halftime. Cougars kickoff to Bobcats, return only to 10 yard line. 1st and 10 for Bobcats, handoff to Darby, 2 yard gain. 2nd and 8, Obrien throws screen to Darby for loss of 6, ball now at 6 yard line. 3rd and 13, Obrien pass incomplete, 4th down. Punt to Cooper, Bowman hit as he receives kick, ball loose. Bobcats recover, first down at 44 yard line for San Angelo. Thompson runs to 35 yard line for 21 yard line. Central has 1st and 10, handoff to right, gain of 3. False start against Bobcats, 2nd and 12 at 37 now. Obrien scrambles for one yard. 3rd and 11 for Bobcats, Obrien throws screen, run after catch down to inside the 10 yard line, 1st and goal for Central with 5:20 left before halftime. Thompson 8 yard run to 1 yard line. 2nd and goal for Bobcats, Darby scores TD. PAT good, Cougars� lead trimmed to 28-14 with 4:26 left in the half. Nicholas pass on first down falls incomplete. Cougars have 2nd and 10, Riddick runs to 31 yard line. 3rd down and 8 for Cougars, 3:54 left in half. Nicholas throws to Patrick for 26 yard gain. 1st down, Nicholas throws to Jackson, fumbled out of bounds, gain of 8, 2nd and 2 at 35 yard line for Cooper. Nicholas hands off to Jackson, gains 17, down at 18 yard line. 1st and 10, Riddick catches pass, runs out of bounds at 7, first and goal for Cooper. 2:40 left in half, Riddick runs for TD from 7 yards out. His 2nd touchdown gives Cooper a 35-14 lead after the PAT. 2:35 left in the half. San Angelo begins drive at 20 yard line. Robinson hits receiver as he makes catch, inadvertent whistle. Incomplete pass on 2nd down. 3rd and 13 for Central, 1:35 left in half. Pass incomplete. 4th down, Central punt short, out of bounds at Bobcats 35 yard line. 1:18 left. Nicholas throws TD pass to Sonnier, his second TD catch, Cougars lead 42-14 after PAT. Bobcats start drive at 20 yard line with 1:11 left in the 2nd. Obrien passes to 25 yard line on 1st down. Timeout called with less than a minute in the half. Obrien tackled at 26 yard line on 2nd down. Cougars finish 1st half with 42-14 lead.
Riddick runs for TD.
Cougars go for 4th down. Davon Riddick power run to 1 yard line. 1st and goal 3:56 left in 1st quarter
Riddick run to 8, 4th down
Sonnier catches pass to 12 yard line.
Nicholas sacked at 22
1st and 10. 20 yard run by Cole.
Nicholas pass to Footer at 38 yard line
Fair catch at 46 yd line for Cougars
3rd down and 5. Obrien takes snap, incomplete pass
3rd down and 5. Obrien takes snap, incomplete pass
2nd and 10 for Bobcats. reverse run to 22 yd line
Incomplete pass on first down
Ball moved to 15 because of roughing kicker penalty on PAT
kickoff out of bounds. Bobcats get ball at 30 yd line
PAT good. 7:47 left in 1st quarter, score 7-7
Cougars 1st and goal. Nicholas hands off to Riddick, TD Cougars
Wall-Williams catch, and late hit penalty, brings ball to 7 yard line
Cougars 1st and 10. Nicholas runs out of bounds at 28
Bowman returns kick to Central 42 yd line
PAT good. Bobcats 7, Cougars 0
Darby TD pass from Obrien on third down. Bobcats take 6-0 lead
Cougars LB Hale makes stop
2d and goal. handoff to Thompson loss of 3. 3rd and goal from the 5
Obrien hands off to Darby, stopped at 2
Central 2nd and 6 from the 17. Pass interference against Cougars in the end zone. 1st and goal at 3
Cougars 15 yard penalty, facemask. Bobcats incomplete pass on 1st down
Bobcats holding penalty. 2nd down
Handoff to Thompson, loses one yard
Obrien completes pass to Long at 34 yd line. 1st down Bobcats
Long gets one yard on a 2nd down run. 3rd and 7
False start, Central
Correction 45 yard line. Pass complete to the 37 yard line
Bobcats reverse run to the Cooper 35 yard line
Bobcats win toss, choose to receive
7 minutes to kickoff
In about 20 minutes the undefeated Abilene Cooper Cougars begin their third game of the season, this time away from home at the San Angelo Central Bobcats. The live radio broadcast can be heard at KWKC 1340 AM.


It's Showtime!

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